Mi Si Preamp and Pickup

Mi-Si Acoustic Trio for Ukulele


Mi Si Preamp and Pickup Mi Si ChargerMi-Si Acoustic Trio,  This is an active electronics set-up that can be retrofit into an existing instrument fairly easily.  Mi-Si developed this active system which uses a super-capacitor to power it eliminating the inconvenient problem of fitting a 9 volt battery into a ukulele. The LR Baggs piezo pickup element fits an 1/8″ saddle slot and the element is sensitive along its entire length (which is about 2 1/2″). The MI-Si preamplifier unit is held into the instrument by the end jack which requiring a 12mm hole in the end-block. The pickup element is pre-soldered onto the amplifier board, no assembly necessary. A rugged  120V wall charger is included. A one minute charge supplies a day of playing. The amplified instrument can be run thru virtually any amplifier with a 1/4″ mono jack.  Comes with installation instructions.

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