Steampunk Six 03

Steampunk Number Six, Concert Size Ukulele


Only the sixth example to ever have surfaced this rare instrument was first discovered in an undisclosed cave in the same  vicinity where the Red Sea scrolls were first unearthed. Transported to and later reported as stolen from the National Museum in Stockholm the whereabouts of the instrument remained in question for decades. At times it would be rumored to surface on the black market available to the highest bidder with no questions asked. It’s rather unlikely that we should now come into possession of this rarity. At first we thought it may be a forgery but examination by leading experts have authenticated this to be the same contraption that was first described in the Stockholm collection.

It will be available no questions asked for the sum of US $1750, plus a modest and anonymous black bag transportation fee of $40

See Website Listing for full product details and more photographic evidence

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